Prolonged Screentime Can Change Your Face!? Measures to Prevent Unwanted Facial Features

Body care

Earthcare Asia conducted a survey of 100 women aged 20~30 regarding their phone usage.

Survey results
93.2% of women claimed that they look at their phone too much.

Time seems to pass so quickly when we’re on Instagram, Tiktok, and other social media.

Not only is your phone taking up your time, it is also robbing you of your beauty.

Here are some areas where looking at your phone too much can make you look especially unattractive…

Eye area

When we use our phones for a long period of time, our eyes get tired.

It can lead to poor blood circulation around the eyes, causing dark circles and a tired face.

Also, if you squint or widen your eyes when they get tired, you are causing wrinkles in between your eyebrows and your forehead.
These wrinkles can get deeper if this continues.

Jawline and neck

When we use our phone, we tend to hold our phone at a low position.

However, this means that we are looking down for a long time.

This can lead to a double chin.
It can also lead to deeper wrinkles on your neck, causing the lymphatic system to stagnate and make you look flabby.

We recommend setting a time limit when using your phone.

But of course, this is difficult for modern-day people.

Therefore, it is important to be careful of your posture when using your phone.
Hold your phone at a high position and straighten your back.

It is also important to stretch your neck periodically to maintain good blood circulation.