The cure for hand eczema that you’ve been missing! The mind-blowing method to “graduate from hand creams” that over 24,000+ people swear by

Hand care

Are you tired of battling persistent dry hands, despite regular use of hand cream?

You might be surprised to know, the effectiveness of standard hand creams is often limited.

They may not offer the level of hydration your skin desperately needs.

So, what can you do?

In this article, as someone who has been dealing with dry hands for as long as I’ve been a housewife, I’d like to share the ways I improved my condition.

“Mom, your hands are so dry…” Say goodbye to your struggles with rough hands!

Since marriage, it has been a long, 10-year struggle with hand eczema.

Regardless of the season, my hands were dry all year roundMy kids constantly told me, “Mom, your hands are so dry…”My phone won’t recognize my fingerprintsI couldn’t leave the house without hand creamI was always looking for good, effective hand creams

This is what my daily life looked like.

Now that I think about it, hand eczema became a problem after I married and gave birth.

It got especially worse after I gave birth to two children, probably because I was doing more chores and housework that involved water, like cooking and doing laundry.

hand eczema are no excuse to not do chores. I still had to do them, no matter how much my hands hurt.

With cleaning, laundry, and cooking, tolerating the pain became a norm in my life

If the skin on my hands cracks, it’ll bleed, so bandages were always a must too. Pain came with everything I did and constantly tolerating it became my main cause of stress.

As soon as I heard anyone tell me, “This hand cream is really good!”, I would test it out immediately.

I would take care of my hand eczema by applying hand cream but…

It was an endless cycle of getting better and worse.

And rather than getting better, it felt like it was getting worse…

Up until a certain point, my hand eczema seemed to get better during the spring season.

But for the past few years, it has gotten so bad to a point where my dry and hand eczema no longer get better in the spring.

“What if it’s never going to get better…”

Just when I had lost all hope, I found this product.

I decided to try this product that I found online!

As I was searching the Internet, I coincidentally found this product.

This product was a high-moisturizing gel cream that can be used on all parts of the body, but it had many reviews that it cured hand eczema.

Some reviews even mentioned that “This product’s usability is not like any other hand cream” and I thought,

“This actually might be worth trying…” and began using it.

With a smooth texture that easily absorbed into the skin that made it comfortable to use, it didn’t have the unique sticky feeling of hand creams at all!

The feeling of my dry, hand eczema being moisturized in no time… 

It was a completely new feeling.

A few weeks of using this product every day and…

This is what my hands look like now!

It’s incredible, right?!

For the first time in many years, I was free from my struggles with hand eczema.

My hands felt incredibly moisturized and it was impossible to believe that I used to have hand eczema at all!

Now, I’m sure everyone must be curious about this product.

I owe it to this product for curing my chronically dry, cracked, hand eczema.

The secret behind how I cured my hand eczema

The product I found on the Internet is Aquatect Gel.

Based on the reviews for this product, many people have confirmed that their hand eczema got better.

As I introduced earlier, it’s originally a high-moisturizing gel cream that can be used on all parts of the body.

It was first developed as an all-in-one gel for the face, but it can be used all over the body and is undoubtedly an excellent hand cream.

But my dry and hand eczema never got better with any hand cream I used.

So why did Aquatect Gel work?

The reason why Aquatect Gel cured my hand eczema that hand creams couldn’t

Because I wanted to learn more about why my dry hands got better, I thoroughly read the official website.

Short answer: for someone like me with chronically hand eczema, hand creams fundamentally do not work.

This is because hand creams don’t contain enough water.

The reason why hand eczema become chronic is because of extreme dryness of the skin on hands, caused by a lack of water and oil in the skin.

It explains this in more detail on the official website, but the difference between “dryness-prone hands” and “healthy hands” is whether hydration is maintained within the hands’ skin.

To put it in very simple terms…

The skin’s barrier function works properly if hydration is maintained within the hands’ skin

hand eczema doesn’t occur if the skin’s barrier function works properly

For chronic hand eczema, the lack of hydration maintained in the skin = skin’s barrier function is weakened.

Exactly, the key to curing dry and hand eczema is to maintain hydration within the skin.

Hand creams only supply oil to the skin surface

Depending on the type of oils contained, hand creams can prevent the loss of hydration from the skin.

True, if there’s some hydration within the skin and severity of dry skin or hand eczema is low, supplying oil will seal that hydration in the skin and strengthen the skin’s barrier function, resulting in the curing of hand eczema.

But, for dry hands that are already quite severe, there is no hydration within the skin to begin with that the oils in hand creams can lock in.

The skin is already lacking the key to a strong skin barrier: hydration within the skin. 

So despite using hand creams AKA oil, there is no way hand eczema will get better.

In order to cure hand eczema, first, it’s crucial to do CORRECT MOISTURIZING by replenishing the skin with ample hydration and maintaining that hydration within the skin.

As a matter of fact, Aquatect Gel specializes in this ‘replenish hydration and maintain it’ function.

A golden water-to-oil ratio that strengthens the skin’s barrier function

Aquatect Gel is formulated with a water-to-oil ratio of 8:2.

This balance between water and oil is exactly the GOLDEN BALANCE.

The abundance of water will replenish ample hydration within the skin, and the oils will lock the hydration within the skin to prevent it from evaporating.

With only water, the skin will only get drier.

With only oils, the skin fundamentally can’t be moisturized. 

Aquatect Gel solves both of these problems at once with its excellent balance between water and oil.

To be able to maintain hydration within the skin is to recover the skin’s weakened barrier function.

If this barrier function is strengthened, hand eczema will be gone in no time.

Hand creams are a temporary solution for people with hydration within the skin.

Meanwhile, Aquatect Gel is a fundamental solution to people who have lost both hydration and oils in the skin.

For someone like me with chronic hand dryness and roughness, what I needed was not a temporary solution, but a fundamental solution.

After applying water and oil, I got healthy hands in no time!

After using Aquatect Gel, my hands have become so much healthier that it’s impossible to believe how dry they were in the past.

Look at how healthy they are!

It’s as if I never had hand eczema at all.

Thanks to my skin’s barrier function recovering, my hand eczema healed very easily. 

I don’t use hand creams anymore. I’ve graduated!

Since my hand eczema got unbelievably better with this product, I wondered, 

“If it’s this effective for hand care, what would happen if I used it on other parts of my body…” 

And now, I use Aquatect Gel to moisturize my skin from head to toe.

From dry heels to elbows that were powdery from being so dry, anything can be easily cared for with just this one product!

I recommended it to my mom friends that also struggle with hand eczema

Because I was over the moon that my dry and hand eczema was gone, I recommended Aquatect Gel to my mom friends that had the same hand troubles.

Their hand eczema also got better in no time, and my mom friends are also extremely happy.

Some of my friends have children with dry skin and have been using it for their children’s skincare too. How great is it that it’s been skincare safety tested and can even be used for young children?!

Wanna give it a try? 

You can try it from here.