Dry skin

It’s because lotion is NOT a moisturizer: Use THIS instead to effectively moisturize

The purpose of lotion is to hydrate the skin, not to moisturize it. True, your skin will be moisturized after you use lotion - but only for a moment. It evaporates rapidly at room and body temperature. Therefore, lotion cannot moisturize effectively because it doesn’t contain any oils to prevent water evaporation.

What is the moisturizing effect? Ineffective vs. effective moisturizing

The moisturizing effect is the way or act of creating a state in which adequate moisture is retained in the skin. In other words, moisturizing is a state in which water evaporation is prevented by good quality oils, and that water is retained in the skin for a long period of time. Thus, to conduct effective moisturizin
Dry hands

The cure for hand eczema that you’ve been missing! The mind-blowing method to “graduate from hand creams” that over 24,000+ people swear by

Hand creams only supply oil to the skin surface. Depending on the type of oils contained, hand creams can prevent the loss of hydration from the skin. For hand eczema that is already quite severe, there is no hydration within the skin to begin with that the oils in hand creams can lock in. The skin is already lacking the key to a strong skin barrier: hydration within the skin. So despite using hand creams AKA oil, there is no way hand eczema will get better.
Dry skin

After 16 years of chronic eczema, I finally discovered why lotions aren’t effective moisturizers

Lotions are 95%+ water. No matter how much lotion you apply, it quickly evaporates from your skin because it's pretty much just water. And when this water evaporates, it strips your skin's natural moisture too - just like when sweat evaporates. Without anything to prevent water evaporation, your skin will remain dry.