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The main reason for hand irritation is
dryness with lack of both “moisture” and “oil”

What hand cream does is supply only oil, it being just temporary measures.
It lacks the moisture needed to cure hand irritation

“Applying hand cream over and over with no success.”
“Am I stuck with hand cream that doesn’t even seem to work for the rest of my life?”

“Aquatect Gel”, a high-moisturizing gel cream, balanced with moisture and oil. is a solution for this.

「It supplies not only “oil”, but “moisture” too, approaching the problems of hand irritation from the root of the problem.

Say goodbye to hand cream, and hello to moisturized hands.

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with chronic hand irritation
wherever you go, hand cream is a must need

However, its effect is far from sustainable ・・・

Are you worried about such a daily life?

applying hand cream will make my hand irritation go away
it might be shocking to hear that that is a myth

hand cream will not be a cure for chronic hand irritation

Because it only applies temporary oil

  • Chronic rough hands are caused by"Extreme Dryness"

    hand irritation and dehydration of the skin is in close contact.

    With health hands, a little stimulation will not cause hand irritation
    This is because the skin’s barrier is in effect.

    Our skin barrier consists of the moisture in our skin, and the oil on the outer side of our skin, which retains moisture.

    In other words, moisturizing protects our hands.

    Chronic hand irrittaion is caused by the dehydration of the inner moisture, weakening our skin barriers.

    • Healthy hands

      There are water inside the skin and oil on the outer skin, retaining moisture skin barriers working perfectly

    • dry/ irritated hands (light symptoms)

      oil on the outer skin is lacking, not retaining moisture inside skin

    • dry/ irritated hands (heavy symptoms)

      both moisture and oil is lacking skin barriers working poorly

    • Hand cream is for supplying oil

      Though the minor details differ from product to product,the main components of hand cream is oil.

      Oil makes your skin more soft, and eases pain with an oil barrier, but it cannot apply the moisture needed for the skin’s natural barriers.

      This is why chronic hand irritation can not be cured with hand cream.

      In the first place,Applying oil to moisture-starved skin will not help with the skin’s inner dehydration,

    • Some might recommend steroids for hand irritation.

      However,Though steroids keep the redness away, it does not help moisturize the skin.

Aquatect Gel specialized in moisturizing, resulting in a high moisture retention and high permeability.

A research by a third party concluded that the use of Aquatect Gel resulted in "the increase of skin moisture in just 4 weeks"

Enough water and just the needed amount of oil helps the skin retain moisture.

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Aquatect Gel is to be used by people with all kinds of skin. This is why we worked on “low stimulation” and “safety”

Alcohol and any aroma essence, coloring chemicals unrelated to moisturization is cut off.

On the other hand, we use Paraben and Surfactant only, which is used for moisture retention.

Paraben used in food, beverage and medicine is an extremely safe preservative.

Paraben used to be on the former designated ingredients list, misleading people into thinking that it is bad for your skin.

However, this is a misunderstanding. Cosmetics without preservatives are prone to decay, and are soon to expire, causing cons. The disadvantages are often greater, so Aqucrio uses Paraben as a preservative.

Any cosmetic product includes water and oil
Surfactant is a must need to combine these within the product.

In addition, any surfactant used in cosmetics is highly safe, not irritating the skin.

Unless you have an allergic reaction to the surfactant, there is no need to worry.

I was also troubled by hand irritation from when I was 14 years old, so more than 10 years.

It started with a little dryness, evolving in to itchiness, cracking skin, blisters and on and on.

Rings or manicure? Out of the question. I could never enjoy decorating my hands.
Cooking and cleaning couldn’t be done without plastic gloves.

Hand cream did nothing about it, and I was starting to accept my fate with hand cream and my skin.

Everything changed when I started working for Earth Care.
The first time I used Aquatect Gel, I noticed that my hands were more moisturized and soft than ever.

From that day, I started using Aquatect Gel daily inseted of hand cream.

When a year has passed, I didn’t have any itchiness, and didn’t need any medicine.
one more year passed, and I could wash dishes with my bare hands.

I now have completely healthy hands, and it doesn’t affect my life anymore.
It difficult to believe that I was so worried.

These days, I’m trying something what I've always been wanting to - painting my nails myself!
I used to be afraid of rough hands, but now that I've tried it, this is so much fun!

I was so happy to do things I’ve given up 10 years ago, and I love how my hands are beautiful.

Everyday stimulation causing stinging and itchiness.
Manicure and cooking, knitting are things that hands with healthy skin can do.

It was Aquatect Gel that freed me from the days of giving up, saying, "It's nothing I can do because my hands are rough.

After my story, more than 6000 people are using Aquatect Gel to take care of their hands.

I’m happy to hear people saying that their hand irritation has healed.

I hope that more people will recover their beautiful hands and life with Aquatect Gel.

Aquatect Gel is a moisturizer that can be used on all parts of the body.

The face, where everyone is worried about hydration the most, is also applicable.

Skincare after washing your face is all done with just Aquatect Gel!
Granting you soft, moisturized skin.

Aquatect Gel is low stimulated, and can be used for all ages.

Use for children’s hand irritation and body care for newborns are welcome too.

No scent chemicals used, a great option for pet owners.

Using only safe materials, Aquatect Gel can be applied right before cuddling with your pets.

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I was troubled with highly sensitive and dehydrated skin since I was a child.

After starting a cosmetic company, I wanted to create a product that could be used by people with highly sensitive and dehydrated skin like me.

However, the cosmetic industry surprised me, the norm for skincare products was off the point, it did not concentrate on true skincare.

To care for dehydration, the reason for hand irritation, moisture and oil is both needed. But when I entered this industry, there was no such product that included both.

Especially hand cream, it was all about scent, not moisturization.
No product was good enough for people with dry, irritated skin.

I wanted to make products that actually made your skin beautiful.

I myself had highly sensitive and dehydrated skin, which made me a good test applicant. However, the product didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

2 years have passed, with more than 30 test products unsuccessful.

But after trying,
we created a moisturizer just perfect for people with highly sensitive and dehydrated skin.

This, is Aquatect Gel.

We first made it for the face.

However, with many people with highly sensitive and dehydrated skin using this product, we gradually began to hear voices about its effect on hand irritation.

Now, it is highly used as an effective care for hand irritation.
Our staff used to suffer for more than 10 years of hand irritation, but after joining as our staff and using Aquatect Gel, she now has beautiful hands.

I also used it on my face and arms, and many tell me that I “have beautiful skin”
Despite me being male, this actually makes me happy.
Anybody who is concerned about highly sensitive and dehydrated skin, please give it a try.

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Aquatect Gel
Water, BG, glycerin, avocado oil, pentylene glycol, betaine, arginine, squalene, olive fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, macadamia seed oil, Rosa Canina fruit oil, ginkgo biloba extract, Artemisia capillaris flower extract, arnica flower extract, peach Leaf extract, Kidachi aloe leaf extract, Eucheuma perplexum / Honey kelp / Usba green laver extract, Glycyrrhizic acid 2K, Rice bran glycosphingolipid, Sodium hyaluronate, Hydrogenated lecithin, Lysolecithin, (Acrylates / Alkyl acrylate (C10-30)) crosspolymer, Carbomer , sodium hydroxide, citric acid, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben