Unless you have normal or dry skin, you should avoid slugging with Vaseline

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If you’ve been on social media for long enough, you know that slugging is the latest viral beauty hack. Influencers have been posting videos with their giant tubs of Vaseline, applying it on their face as part of their evening skincare routine for glowing skin.

But slugging is only suitable for people with normal or dry skin. It’s also uncomfortable to slap a thick layer of Vaseline on your face. 

Although slugging does have its benefits for moisturization (because Vaseline locks moisture in your skin), there is actually a better alternative that works for all skin types and that is super lightweight. Keep reading to find out whether slugging is suitable for your skin type and what you can do if it’s not.

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What is slugging?

Slugging is initially a K-beauty trend where you slather your face with Vaseline or petroleum jelly as the final step of your evening skincare routine. The benefits of doing this are:

  • To lock in the moisture from the other skincare products you applied prior to slugging
  • To prevent water loss from the skin
  • To keep your skin moisturized and hydrated for as long as possible

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You should only be slugging with Vaseline if you have normal or dry skin

Although many dermatologists back this Vaseline skincare trend, it’s actually not beneficial for everyone. Slugging is best recommended for people with normal or dry skin types.

On the other hand, slugging with Vaseline is not recommended for the following skin types.

  1. Acne-prone skin
  2. Sensitive skin
  3. Oily skin
  4. Combination skin that is acne-prone

This is because these skin types all lack one thing: moisture. If you coat your oily skin with Vaseline, it blocks any attempt at moisturization or hydration. Since there’s no moisture for the Vaseline to lock in, the thick petroleum coating dehydrates your skin and makes it more difficult to replenish it with moisture.

Not to mention, your skin can’t easily absorb Vaseline. It’s not a moisturizer, but a barrier. Thus, the effects are temporary and you’re not actually solving the root cause of your acne-prone or oily skin: lack of moisture in your skin

Slathering Vaseline all over your face right before you sleep also sounds… uncomfortable and messy. Imagine the thick and sticky Vaseline weighing on your face as you lay down. Imagine your pillowcase or sheets sticking to your face while you move in your sleep. It’s occlusive and time-consuming – applying Vaseline means adding an extra step to your skincare routine, taking more time and effort.

Even if your skin type isn’t suitable for slugging with Vaseline or you simply don’t enjoy the discomfort of coating your entire face with Vaseline, I’m sure you still want to keep your skin well-hydrated and moisturized, right? 

This 2-in-1 Japanese moisturizer is your alernative

Earthcare Asia’s Aquatect Gel makes slugging possible for all skin types – it even cuts your skincare routine by half!

Aquatect Gel combines the functions of general moisturizers and skincare products used before slugging, and the function of slugging with Vaseline.

It has a well-balanced, golden water-to-oil ratio of 8:2.

It replenishes WATER (to hydrate your skin) and OILS (to seal that hydration) to the skin at the same time, creating long-lasting moisturization.

As water is essential for our body to function properly and optimally, it’s also important to supply your skin with enough water for hydration. But mere hydration from water isn’t enough to keep your skin hydrated all day, since it evaporates over time. That’s where oils come in to prevent water loss from the skin.

3 benefits of using Aquatect Gel:

  1. Long-lasting moisturization and hydration of all skin types
  2. Effortless, time-efficient skincare routine that’s done in one step
  3. Saving money by reducing the number of products you need to use

The alternative to slugging is no longer just about replacing Vaseline – it’s about making changes to your skincare regimen.

Most skincare enthusiasts preach a multi-step skincare routine of toners, lotions, milky lotions, serums, creams, and maybe even more. What’s wrong with these long skincare routines is manifold. Not only are you irritating your skin by touching it for every extra product you apply but it’s also difficult to ensure that the proper balance of water and oil are being applied. 

Aquatect Gel comprehensively performs the functions of 7 different types of skincare products:

  1. Lotions
  2. Milky lotions
  3. Creams
  4. Serums
  5. Body creams
  6. Face masks
  7. Makeup bases

With its excellent 8:2 water-to-oil ratio and abundance of high-moisture-retaining, low-stimulus ingredients, your skincare can be complete with just one bottle

This multitasking moisturizer can replace your complex, time-consuming, and expensive skincare routine without cutting back on any of the benefits.

Want to try this new 8:2 minimalist skincare approach? Want to enjoy healthy and youthful skin without the need to slug with Vaseline?

Ready to enjoy healthy, youthful skin without the need to slug? Ready to revolutionize your skincare with Aquatect Gel’s 8:2 minimalist skincare approach? 


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