Our concept: The ‘2 > 7+’ approach

earthcare asia less is more approach About us

Earthcare Asia adopts the ‘less is more’, ‘quality over quantity’ approach to healthy and beautiful skin.

Skincare routines with 7 steps, 10 steps, or even more may make you feel like a real ‘skincare enthusiast.’

But in reality, these complicated routines may do more harm than good, especially for sensitive skin.

At Earthcare Asia, we believe that even a basic, simple skincare routine that consists of only a cleanser and moisturizer can effectively retain moisture in your skin, and is more than enough.

Therefore, our Aqucrio series focus on performing the original function of moisturization: to hydrate and lock in the moisture to help you achieve timeless youthful-looking skin.

We specialize in effective moisturization for even the most sensitive skin

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