【100% Real-life Experience】One way to keep dry and sensitive skin moisturized for 10 years.


I will now tell you how to keep your naturally dry skin moisturized for 10 years.

  • Even after applying lotion and milky lotion, my skin still feels flaky and irritated.
  • My skin feels rough and hard.
  • Even if I moisturized at night, my skin would be dry and flaky in the morning.

My skin, which used to be dry like that, has remained moist for 10 years from my first year of high school to the present.

Current Condition

  • Skin is always moisturized, soft, and smooth.
  • I do not feel cracking or roughness.
  • No powdering, soreness, itching, or redness.
  • No irritation when you move your face.
  • I can spend a whole day with sunscreen as a base make-up.


The reason why I got this moist skin is that I did skincare that my skin really needs with “only two basic cosmetics”.

If you are suffering from dry skin, please read this article.

I will be very happy if it will be helpful for your skincare.


10 years of keeping moisturized skin.

【High School Days】 Breaking away from dry skin, the birth of skin that receives compliments.


It is the graduation ceremony of high school. I had dry skin, but I started to receive more compliments on my skin.

Both my mother and brother had dry skin.

However, both of them now have moisturized skin.

The reason for this was an encounter with “only two basic cosmetics”.

My mother, who has dry skin, recommended them to me because they were so good. 

I thought, “If my mother recommends it”. And I decided to give it a try.

The first thing that surprised me was how easy it was to use.

It only takes two basic cosmetics, a cleansing gel to remove makeup and wash your face, and a moisturizing gel cream.

As I have dry skin, I was worried at first because I thought that I should apply creams and oils as much as possible to prevent dryness.

I applied them scarcely at night and went to sleep, but the next morning, my skin was moist and supple!

I was shocked.

My mother also praised the product, saying, “Just by applying it generously at night and going to bed, my skin was moisturized and had a great glow the next day!”

We shared our excitement together.

My younger brother, who started using it with me, also stopped powdering his skin and continues to use it.

As a high school student at the time, I was busy with extracurricular activities and studying and could not afford a part-time job, so I was very grateful that my mother was able to purchase the product for us to use together as a family.

As I continued to use it, I no longer felt dry, irritated, powdery, or burnt.

I had many friends around me who suffered from acne during adolescence, but I would get it once in a while and it would usually go away within a few days.

Since then, my friends started complimenting me on my beautiful skin.

【days as a civil service】You Don’t Need to Spend a Lot of Time and Effort to Keep Your Skin Moisturized

This photo was taken on a trip to Hokkaido. ”Only two basic cosmetics” are indispensable when traveling. They are comfortable and do not become luggage.

After graduating from high school, I became a civil servant and my environment changed completely.

My days were busy with work and leisure.

Even when I came home late at night exhausted, I was able to maintain the security of my skin thanks to “Only Two Basic Cosmetics”.

On days when I was so tired that I couldn’t even wash my face anymore, I would just apply “moisturizing gel cream” and go to bed.

It was an environment where my skin could have become a ruin, but thanks to a skincare routine that was simple, flexible, and easy to apply, I was able to keep my skin moisturized and in good shape.

【Marriage and Childbirth】Moisturized skin after childbirth and baby at the same time

I was able to protect both my postpartum skin and my baby’s delicate skin.

After that, I got married, had two children, and gave birth.

I was not accustomed to raising children, I was sleep deprived, and my body was a wreck.

In addition, my postpartum skin was like a desert.

So I repeatedly applied layers of “moisturizing gel cream,” one of the “only two basic” cosmetics.

During the newborn period, when I could not go outside, I moisturized my skin as much as I could.

After two months, my skin became moisturized, and my desert-like skin was gone.

Life with a baby is especially busy after bath time.

When you put your baby first, your own skincare takes a backseat.

However, after a bath is when the skin tends to dry out.

If possible, I want to make sure I moisturize myself properly!

I was able to make that happen.

“Moisturizing Gel Cream” is “hypoallergenic” and can be used regardless of age, so I was able to moisturize my baby and myself at the same time.

【Civil Servant → Cosmetics Company】Leaving Stability Behind to Join a Cosmetics Company Creating “Moisturized Skin”

This is a photo of a meeting with the president of our company.

After the birth of my second child, I was talking with a friend who came to celebrate the birth of my child, and we got into a conversation about basic cosmetics.

I asked myself, “How many years have I been using these “only two basic cosmetics”?”

I realized once again how grateful I am that my skin (and now the skin of my whole family) is always moisturized, even when my life stage or environment changes.

At the same time, I became interested in the company that develops and sells these skincare products.

Although I had been using their products for many years, I did not know much about them, having only heard from my mother that they were an interesting company.

In the course of my research, I was impressed by the sincere attitude of the company’s live on Instagram, which I happened to see.

I was convinced that “in this company, I can do a job that conveys what I think is good!” and decided to change jobs.

At the time, the company was only looking for experienced workers, but as an inexperienced person, I said, “Let’s just give it a try!” and I immediately submitted my reasons for applying for the job and went in for the interview with my 9-month-old son in my arms.

I left my stable job as a civil servant to join an unknown cosmetics company.

My family and friends, who were concerned at first, now look at me and say, “I’m glad you changed jobs.”

After joining the company, I uncovered the mystery of moisturized skin.

No need for multiple basic cosmetics

I joined the company with a clear passion, and from there I went on to solve the mystery of how my skin has remained moisturized for 10 years.

Here, I would like to share with you the answer.

The mystery I want to solve is, “Why do two items keep my dry skin moisturized for 10 years?” 

There was an ingrained misconception.

It is a misconception that using multiple cosmetics and spending a lot of time on them is good for the skin.

To begin with, why do we use multiple items together in general skin care?

That is lotion for replenishing water, serum for replenishing moisturizing ingredients, and cream and oil for replenishing oil.

Each product has a different role to play.

Moisture, which is essential for moisturizing skin, is water.

Moisturizing ingredients and oils keep that moisturized skin from evaporating.

Only then can the skin retain moisture.

In other words, water, moisturizing ingredients, and oil are necessary for the skin to retain moisture.

Conversely, if these three elements are properly supplied to the skin, there is no need to use multiple basic cosmetics.

Basic cosmetics are meaningless if they are not applied properly.

My favorite “Moisturizing Gel Cream” contains water, moisturizing ingredients, and oil necessary for the skin in a single bottle.

There are so many advantages to having just one bottle.

For example, suppose you have an A4 size underlay in front of you.

Do you think which way is easier?

One is applying lotion, serum, and cream by hand in order to create an even layer. The second is applying a cream mixed with water and oil by hand.

The latter, right?

We actually experimented with the latter.

On the skin, it is the same thing.

Rather, the skin is uneven, making it more difficult than applying the undercoat.

When multiple items are used to create a moisturizing effect, water, moisturizing ingredients, and oil need to be layered.

But with human hands, it is difficult to apply evenly.

If an uneven application is made, or if the amount of any of the ingredients used is too small, the expected moisturizing effect will not be achieved.

However, with “moisturizing gel cream,” the necessary ingredients for the skin are mixed together in advance, so only one type of cream needs to be applied to the skin.

Uneven application is difficult, and the high moisturizing effect is fully demonstrated.

Minimizes “friction,” the culprit of sagging, blotches, wrinkles, and all the rest.

There are other advantages as well.

The “horny layer” on the surface of the skin is very sensitive to physical stimuli such as friction.

This irritation can cause not only rough skin, but also sagging, wrinkles, blotches, and all kinds of skin problems.

Therefore, the act of touching the skin is very risky.

If multiple cosmetics need to be applied, the skin must be touched a lot, and this can cause irritation.

If only one can be used to moisturize the skin, the number of times the skin is touched is kept to a minimum.

This reduces the risk of skin problems.

The goal is not to “apply” but to moisturize as many times as necessary until the skin is “moisturized”.

The ability to apply multiple layers of moisturizer is also a major advantage.

When skincare is completed with creams and oils, it is difficult to replenish additional moisture.

This is because oils repel moisture.

However, since Aquatect Gel does not cover the skin with oil, moisture can be replenished as often and as often as desired.

Therefore, it can provide moisturized skin as much as it wants.

It is not just a matter of applying basic cosmetics in the prescribed order and that’s it. Instead, you can take care of your skin until your skin is moisturized.

Close but not the same

After the explanation so far, you may be thinking, “I see, it’s an all-in-one cosmetics”.

But let me correct you.

Common all-in-one cosmetics are not similar.

Usually, all-in-one cosmetics are moisturizing items designed for ease of use.

Even if it is easy to use, it is meaningless if it does not moisturize the skin properly.

However, this “Moisturizing Gel Cream” is an all-in-one product that happens to be the result of serious consideration of what is necessary and good for the skin.

The convenience is just a byproduct of the product, and the wonderful thing is that the skin can be properly moisturized (easily).

Not washing too much is more important than moisturizing

It is my favorite “Face Cleansing Gel that also removes makeup. It leaves my skin moist after washing.

Although people tend to focus only on the “Moisturizing Face Cleansing Gel Cream,” I believe that my moisturized skin is only possible with this “Face Cleansing Gel” that also removes make-up.

Why is this so?

I once had a chance to talk with a person from a cleaning company.

He told me, “The most difficult thing in cleaning is not to remove dirt, but how to remove dirt without damaging the clothes.

It is the same with skin.

It is easy to remove dirt by giving it a strong detergent.

However, the most important thing is to remove what is unnecessary and not to remove too much necessary moisture.

As a former dry skin type, I used to think it was normal for my skin to feel tense, tight, and dry. I was not good at removing makeup and washing my face.

However, when I used the “Makeup Remover and Face Wash,” both the “normal” and my “dislike” of them were overturned.

Although the makeup was properly removed, my skin felt moist after washing, and I did not feel any damage to my skin.

It made me realize for the first time that I had been washing my skin too much.

No matter how much moisturizing you do, it is meaningless if you are washing away the moisture that your skin needs.

In order to have moisturized skin, it is important not to “wash too much.

Why my skin has been moisturized for 10 years

I am glad to have found a cosmetic product that will last a lifetime.

  1. Only removing dirt and not removing too much of what is necessary.
  2. In addition, they properly moisturize the skin.
  3. Minimize the number of items to minimize skin irritation.


These three things are the reasons why dry skin stays moisturized for 10 years.

We often hear from our friends that the cosmetics they use no longer suit their skin, or that their skin type has changed and they do not know which cosmetics to use.

It is easy to feel a change in skin quality with changes in lifestyle and environment, aging, and childbirth.

My environment and lifestyle have also changed dramatically over the past 10 years.

High school, working, marriage, childbirth, and career change.

Even so, I have been able to continue using the same basic cosmetics.

I am convinced that this is because they are truly gentle to the skin, “hypoallergenic and highly moisturizing,” and packed with only what the skin needs.

Even now, I continue to take care of my skin morning and night, just as I did when I was in high school.

And I will continue to do so.

Without a doubt, this is my “lifetime” basic skin care product.

When you find a “lifetime cosmetic” that you can continue using every day with peace of mind, your life becomes a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.

If you, like me, are suffering from dry skin, please take advantage of the 10 years that your skin will continue to be moisturized for the rest of your life.

Let’s spend 10 years together without worrying about dry skin or basic cosmetics.

You can try the “Only two basic cosmetics” that moisturize my skin here.




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