After 16 years of chronic eczema, I finally discovered why lotions aren’t effective moisturizers

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Curious to learn more about WHAT I USED to cure my chronic and extreme eczema?


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Here are before and after pictures of my neck – my worst problem area.

before pictures neck eczema

after pictures neck eczema

Compared to how worn out my skin was in the past, it’s incredible how much it has cleared up.

 Symptoms I no longer experience after healing my extreme eczema:

  • Constant and uncontrollable itchiness
  • Dry skin flakes on my clothes
  • Redness
  • Scabs and bleeding
  • Thick, rubbery texture
  • Gray discoloration
  • Skin cracking at the slightest movement

The turning point in my recovery was when I stopped using lotions.

Having struggled with 16 years of chronic and extreme eczema, I constantly had to moisturize.

But I hated the stickiness of moisturizers and creams.

But I also knew that I had to put something on my skin, so I used lotion, which was more lightweight.

But that wasn’t solving anything.

Instead of getting better, my eczema got worse.

That’s because lotion IS NOT a moisturizer. 

After discovering this truth about lotions and changing my skincare to use an effective moisturizerit’s hard to believe that I struggled with eczema all these years.

If you also struggle with dry skin and eczema, or if you’ve been using lotions without any results, keep reading!

It’s time you discovered this secret too.

Ready to say goodbye to your chronic and extreme eczema forever?


earthcare asia lp cta

My extreme eczema continued year-round, all seasons

After developing eczema at the age of 3, I constantly had large dry patches on my neck, elbow pit, and the back of my knees.

These areas were unbearably itchy and inflamed with redness.

I grew up in hot and humid climates: The constant sweating made my eczema worse

Being an expat family, I grew up in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Tokyo. What these 3 places have in common are their high temperatures and high humidity.

This worsened my eczema greatly.

Going outside meant constant, excessive sweating. The sweating irritated my skin and I couldn’t stop myself from touching or itching it. 

No matter how painful it was, I never did anything about it because these symptoms quickly went away once I found shelter in a mall blasting the AC.

female scratching itchy neck with hand

For the abundance of time and money spent, my eczema never got better

I grew up using a variety of moisturizers sold at drugstores and cosmetics stores. I had a multi-step skincare routine where I used anything from trending popular products to homemade moisturizers.

But for the abundance of time and money spent, my eczema never got better.

I hated the stickiness of moisturizers and got sick of spending so much time moisturizing, so I began to use lotion only

I hated how sticky, greasy, and heavy my skin felt after moisturizing, and the hot, humid climates that I lived in only made this worse. 

Plus, even after years of applying different products every morning and night, I wasn’t seeing results. So, I thought, “Why should I continue to waste my time moisturizing if it’s not working?”

Gradually, I became less consistent with my moisturizing. I stopped moisturizing every day and started skipping steps in my routine.

Eventually, I was only using lotions because they were the first step in my original skincare routine and the least sticky product. It felt much more lightweight and comfortable on my dry skin.

The hydrating effects of lotion lasted for a while but my eczema quickly returned to its dry, itchy, flaky state. Even if I reapplied it numerous times, the moisture was never long-lasting. 

What I didn’t understand at the time was that lotions are not moisturizers.

female putting lotion on hand

The purpose of lotion is …? The key is to not just moisturize, but to effectively moisturize with ___ and ___

Despite lotions being branded as a moisturizing product, they have no real moisturizing effect

This is because the purpose of lotion is to hydrate, not to moisturize. I used to think that moisturizing = hydrating your skin. To a degree, that is true, but they are actually two very different things.

So what’s the difference between hydrating and moisturizing your skin?

Moisturizing is to keep your skin hydrated. In other words, it is to hydrate your skin AND maintain your skin’s hydration for a long period of time. Lotions might provide initial hydration, but they cannot achieve the second step of maintaining hydration in your skin.

This is because lotions are 95%+ water. No matter how much lotion you apply, it quickly evaporates from your skin because it’s pretty much just water. And when this water evaporates, it strips your skin’s natural moisture too.

Similarly, when sweat evaporates, your skin’s natural hydration evaporates as well. This is why sweat was irritating my eczema: it was causing my already-dry eczema skin to become ever drier.- just like when sweat evaporates. 

Without anything to prevent water evaporation, your skin will remain dry.

So how can you hydrate your skin and retain that moisture in your skin?

The key is to effectively moisturize.

To effectively moisturize means to replenish your skin with both water and oil: water for hydration and oil to create a barrier that seals your skin’s moisture inside.

The reason why lotions weren’t working for my extreme eczema is because lotions don’t contain enough oil-based ingredients to prevent the hydration from evaporating. By only using lotions, I was drying out my already-dry skin. No wonder my eczema wasn’t getting better. 

That’s when I was introduced to this effective moisturizer. 

After moving back to Japan, my mother resubscribed to this effective moisturizer that she used to use before we moved overseas. She couldn’t bear to see my horribly dry, inflamed eczema skin, and forced me to use it too. I was skeptical at first because I had never heard of this product or skincare company before, but I trusted my mother and began using it. 

This became the turning point in healing my eczema.

aquatect gel on hand

My skin healed within weeks: It was impossible to believe I struggled with chronic and extreme eczema at all

Obeying my mother, I applied this effective moisturizer every day.

As someone who despised the stickiness and heaviness of moisturizers, I was pleasantly surprised that this effective moisturizer had a gel consistency. It wasn’t sticky and didn’t leave a residue on my skin. It was soothing, light, and breathable, so it was easy for me to consistently use it. 

Within a few weeks, I noticed that my eczema wasn’t bothering me anymore.

  • My skin was smoother
  • My skin tone was even
  • My skin wasn’t uncontrollably itchy and my hands stopped reaching for my neck, elbow pit, or the back of my knees to scratch it
  • My scabs and redness had healed
  • My clothes weren’t covered in dry skin flakes
  • My skin wasn’t powdery
  • I could stretch my skin without it ripping and bleeding

The results were drastic in the best way possible. Even the people around me had noticed how my neck, elbow pit, and the back of my knees looked so much healthier.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up. 

Skin doesn’t change over night and it takes time to see results. But by consistently using this product over a long-period of time, I achieved long-lasting effects.

Even after sweating from spending a whole day outside in the hot, humid air, my eczema stopped reacting to the irritation

After changing how I moisturized my skin – from using lotion to an effective moisturizer that replenishes water and oil – I was able to clear my 16 years of eczema completely.

But what makes this effective moisturizer so special? How come it healed my skin so much that lotions and other moisturizers couldn’t compare?

The secret lies in its water-to-oil ratio.

This effective moisturizer has a golden water-to-oil ratio that strengthens your skin’s barrier function

This effective moisturizer is formulated with an excellent, golden water-to-oil ratio of 8:2

This perfect formula replenishes your skin with ample hydration, as well as good quality oils that lock the hydration within your skin to prevent evaporation.

aquatect gel golden water-to-oil ratio 8:2

Without oils, the water only provides temporary hydration and quickly evaporates, taking your skin’s natural water content with it too.

Without water, the oil fundamentally cannot moisturize your skin. 

This effective moisturizer takes these two essential components to effective moisturizing and replenishes them to your skin at the same time.

By preventing water evaporation from your skin with good quality oils and retaining that water in your skin for a long period of time, your skin’s barrier function will soon recover as well. 

The stronger your skin’s barrier function is, the faster your skin will heal to its normal state.

As I mentioned earlier, lotions may have been effective for hydration, but they didn’t contain any oils to complete the second step in effective moisturization: to prevent moisture evaporation.

No wonder why my skin never healed with lotion.


To this day, I continue to use this effective moisturizer and have maintained an eczema-free life. I’ve tried using trendy moisturizers since, but I keep going back to this one.

For those of you with extreme eczema or similar skin struggles, I wholeheartedly sympathize with you.

“Nothing works – my eczema can’t be helped.”

“Will I have to live with eczema forever?”

If you’ve ever felt this way, believe me, I’ve been there too.

But after consistently using this product for a few weeks, my eczema has healed. I no longer struggle with the unbearable dryness, itchiness, and redness that I once used to. 

I truly hope sharing my experience helps you, no matter how small the impact may be.

Ready to say goodbye to your eczema with Aquatect Gel, the ultimate effective moisturizer?


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