For you,

Your own professional adviser for your skin.

We believe that the critical role of cosmetics
is to provide moisture to the skin.

Age spots, wrinkles, acne, these are
all caused by the lack of moisture.
Whitening you skin, minimizing pores, disinfecting acne,
face lifting, anti-aging.
To maximize these effects,
you need moisturized skin.

This is why we only make products which have moisturizing effects.


Earthcare Asia's products are produced by our CEO who has dry and extremely sensitive skin. "A serious deal" for skin.

I had extremely sensitive and dry skin since I was a child. After entering the cosmetic industry, I was surprised to know that the "good" stuff might be "bad" for your skin, or vice versa.
I came to the conclusion that "moisturizing" is the key factor to healthy skin, and that "how" you moisturize is quite important.
Earthcare Asia's products focus on "how" to achieve moisturized skin. The necessity of "Keep moisturizing 24/7", "Using your skin's sebum to the maximum", led to a surprisingly simple product.